Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lunch break run

The weather had been bi-polar all morning but the sun was shining bright during my lunch break so I decided to hit the pavement.  It seemed like a good idea at the time :) 

As I headed down the road I was going at a pretty quick pace for me.  I was averaging in the 8 minute/mile range.  Holding steady for the first mile too.  Then I as I got to the Manette Bridge all hell broke loose!  A massive hail storm decided to open up on me and I was being pelted in the face.  It was horrible!  It was too late to turn back now because I was nearly at the halfway point any direction that I was going to go.

As I began crossing the bridge, I slowed to a walk and decided to hide next to a tarp (they are repairing the bridge right now).  Thankfully a bridge worker came up to me and offered to block the hail for me so I could continue across.  I walked alongside him for a little bit then thanked him and told him I was ready to brave the weather again.  I guess chivalry isn't dead :)

Up 11th street I went.  I managed to hit every red light.  Typical!  Turned at headed towards the Warren Avenue Bridge.  My left ribs have been sore lately and recently my chiropractor told me I popped my rib out of place...  Well, as I was crossing the bridge, I felt like maybe my rib slipped out of place again.  I had to walk for a good portion of that bridge too. 

I made it back to work in one piece!  I still managed to finish the 3.1 miles in 29:31 minutes.  Not bad despite the weather and pain in my ribcage.  Hopefully the next run will be less eventful :)

Power Song of the Day: Viva La Vida - Coldplay

926.7 miles to 1000 miles for the year.

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