Wednesday, March 9, 2011

81 Laps

That's how many laps it takes to run 9 miles at the YMCA I go to...and I ran it today.  I actually ran a little further but my GPS was off.  I am now .18 miles away from 100 miles for the year!  It's funny when you run around the see all sorts of crazy things. 

Here are a few I saw today:
  1. A woman dressed in full hiking gear, along with giant backpack, walking the track. 
  2. A man doing tae-kwon-do as he did laps around the track
  3. A elderly man do physical therapy rehabilitation (the wrong way on the track) with the assistance of 2 helpers. 
  4. A lady who did her whole workout on the elliptical one handed because she was holding a book the entire time in her other hand.
  5. A man who wore a tuxedo t-shirt for his workout and another man in a pharmacy/lab coat looking t-shirt.
  6. Another lady who talked on her cell phone through her whole elliptical workout.
It's easy for me not to think about much while I am running but some of the people I came across today made go hmmm.....

Power Song of the day:  Let's See How Far We've Come - Matchbox20

900.18 miles to 1000 for the year. :)

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  1. That's funny! There are always a variety of people seen in gyms! haha Good job on your hard earned 81 laps!!