Monday, March 14, 2011

P90X - Day 1

I decided since I hit my goal weight a while ago, it is time to hit my fitness goal....TO TONE UP!  After much consideration, I chose the P90X program.  I know people who have completed it, who haven't completed it, who liked it, who got great results, who got their butts kicked...sounds like my kind of workout.

I am going to go with the Classic program.  I will see how it goes.  My heart tells me to choose the Lean program because it is cardio based but that is the reason I am not going that route.  It would be too close to what I am currently doing and I need to push myself a little harder. 

I did the Chest and Back disc today.  I don't currently have the pull-up bar so I did have to modify the program a bit.  Everytime they did something on the pull-up bar, I just did overhead weights in the same fashion as the pull-up.  I also modified some of the push ups. 

Unfortunately, I have what is called an "essential tremor."  Think of Katherine Hepburn.  I have an uncontrollable tremor that acts up when I am overexerted, nervous, too cold, and eventually just with age.  It's not common with people my age but none-the-less, I have it.  When I do certain strength based exercises (like push ups and one legged activities) my tremor goes into overdrive!  It's not your normal shake that comes with exercise either. :)

Anyway...I had to modify some of the push ups, like the decline push ups, because my tremor was interfering.  I substituted with planks instead.  Still a good workout but with a stable base! :)  The diamond push ups were also a struggle so I just did those at an incline against the back of my couch. 

I finished my workout with the Ab Ripper X DVD.  WOW!  That made me sweat!!!  15 minutes of core, abs, and stability.  I know I will see results with that one in no time.  Again, some modifying because of my tremor.  Holding my tremor filled legs straight up is quite difficult but I pushed through.  I can't wait to see the results in the next 90 days. 

Next on the to-do a tape measure.  I have to measure myself so I have before and after results.  Wish me luck!

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