Saturday, March 5, 2011

10 miles to go

Actually a little less then that to reach my first 100 miles for the year.  I'm not going to lie - I am happy and sad about this both at the same time.  I am happy because I can't believe I have run almost 100 miles this year but I am sad because I thought I would have already accomplished this by now.  Since my goal is to run about 80 miles a month on average - I should have been there and done that.  Regardless... overcoming a stress fractured foot to start the year and training for my 3rd half marathon in 90 days...I am still a happy runner!

Which brings me to my accomplishments this week.  I have already run a total of 23.57 miles this week!  Phew...I am tired.  I think that is the furthest I have ran in a week combined.  Not bad for someone who just began running in August of last year.  I must say, I have MUCH respect for marathon runners.  I can't believe they can make their legs run that far in a single race :)

Anyways, I am proud of myself this week.  I found my mojo again (even if it meant running at the gym) and I was able to run 5 times this week, 4 days were in a row!  Half Fanatics here I come!!!!

Power Songs this week included:  The Finish Line - Train 
                                                    Born This Way - Lady Gaga
                                                    Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire Sndtrk

909.22 miles to 1000 miles for the year!

p.s.  Thanks Rory for making me check out Twitter.  I know I was reluctant to do so but I have met some amazing runners there and it's a great forum to expand my running family!

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  1. Congrats!! Stick with it; you're doing fantastic!! I'm also glad that you are on Twitter since that's how we met! :)