Tuesday, March 15, 2011

P90X - Day 2

Well, I managed to get my butt up and out of bed at 5:10am today!  That is hard for me to do but if I want to work out in peace then that's what I have to do.  Today's workout Plyometrics.  This is the disc that I've heard is the one to watch out for.  Everyone always told me how hard it is.  I have to really wasn't that bad.

Maybe it's because most of my workouts are so cardio based anyways.  I didn't have any trouble keeping up with Tony and the crew through all the lunges, squats and jumps.  I had to modify a couple of them for fear of waking up the family so early in the morning.  Instead of doing the Rock Star jumps, I did more squats and instead of the Mary Katherine jumps I still did the May Katherines' without jumping (more of just lunging). 

It was a good way to start my day.  Also, I am happy to report...not very sore from yesterday :)  A little sore in the shoulders but that's it. 

I wanted to go for a run tonight but my 3 year old wasn't having it.  That is one of the downfalls to being a full time working parent.  My son has to go to daycare all day and doesn't want to go to the gym daycare once I get home.  After I am home, it's full-on "Mommy-Brycie" time.  He's worth giving up the time for :)

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  1. Way to go on your workout! I'm super proud of you!! :) That's sweet about your son! You're a great mommy!