Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A quick run

The weather has been so bi-polar lately and today I wasn't taking any chances.  Looking out the windows of the house, to one the other side....clouds.  My choice, gym!  Off to the YMCA I went.

I was hoping to get in a long run because I need to log some miles before my upcoming half marathon but unfortunately my run got cut short.  The YMCA track was pretty busy this morning.  The first three miles of my run started off fine.  People were following the lanes properly but at about mile 3.5 is when my "runner's rage" kicked in (here's to you @Runnergirltrain).  People started wandering into my lane and taking up the whole track as they decided to have social hour.  UGH!

I passed the culprits about 10 more times before I had to actually yell at them.  As I was approaching the 5, yes 5, people taking up the WHOLE track while chatting away...I kindly yelled out "runner" about 20 feet before I got to them.  They didn't budge.  10 feet to them I yelled "RUNNER" louder...nothing!  They didn't move at all.  So here came the runner's rage.  I had to physically turn sideways and bust through the opening in the wall of people with my hands in the air as I kindly said "runner" again!  I may have *brushed* them too.  Oh well, they shouldn't have taken up the whole track.  Did I mention that the lap before that I had to go out on to the carpet (off the track to avoid the same people)?

Needless-to-say, a could of laps after that and I was done.  I was not going to risk injury to get extra miles in.  I hate letting others determine my workout time but I wasn't going to let them ruin it for me.  The plus side is that I averaged a 8'57/mile average.  :)

Power Song of the Day: Jesus Walks - Kanye West

892.54 miles to 1000 miles for the year.

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