Sunday, March 6, 2011

This journey

It's funny, I've had a lot of people comment to me lately about how "tiny" I look.  I'm not sure if it's a compliment or more of a statement?!?  The thing that makes me sad is that my current size is actually the size I have been for a majority of my life...I just lost control of it for a while.  I'm happy to say I won't be going back to the way I was when I lost my direction!

Let me show you why...

This is me at my heaviest:
Like I said...I lost control.  I got married to my wonderful husband in April 2005 and put on some "happy weight".  I had our last child in July 2007 and he was my "excuse" for not losing the weight.  I lost my mom to lung and brain cancer in April 2007 then I lost my dad to the same thing in June 2009.  Again, very sad...but more excuses. 

In September 2009, my husband and I went on vacation and I can honestly say that when I saw our vacation pictures I was disappointed in myself.  It was at that moment that I had my "A-HA" moment!  I picked my husband up after a Seahawks game and drove straight to the local YMCA and signed up our whole family! 

After a year of butt-kicking spin classes, becoming a smiling runner :), and learning how to actually eat a true portion size of food...

The rest is history.

So here we are March 2011, almost 45 lbs lighter, I am back down to my healthy, normal self.  The self that I am familiar with, the self that people who have known me in the last few years will grow to recognize as my normal self and not my "tiny" self,  and the people who may just be getting to know me will always know as just Sharon.


  1. You and Erik both look FABULOUS!

  2. I was going to say the same thing--both of you look great.

  3. At the gym yesterday as I was trying not to die on the treadmil I kept telling myself,"45lbs, 45lbs, 45lbs!" along with picturing you two in my head! Thanks for the motivation :)

  4. Ashley, you are doing awesome! I know you will reach your goal in no time because you are motivated and determined to do it! I am so proud of you :)

    Rory, thank you! You have been a running fool lately :) Keep up the great work!!!