Sunday, February 27, 2011


I started my day with my usual Sunday morning butt-kicking spin class at the YMCA today.  Amy was no-holds-barred as always.  I love it!  When I left for spin, it was snowing pretty steadily.  When I came back home almost 2 hours later it was still snowing pretty hard.  The nice thing is that none of it was sticking! 

So while I sat here looking at my website and thinking that I should get out and run today.  The problem's so nasty out!  The snow finally let up but now it's raining.  I guess the only plus side to that is it means it's warmer right?!?  I decided it was now or never.  I put on my long running pants, fleece zip up, and Seahawks hat and hit the neighborhood. 

The first straightaway was nice but when I made the corner turn, there was the wind!  Wind + rain = a cold, miserable .25 mile.  At least after I make the next corner the wind is then at my back, phew!  I'm not a fan of rain dripping from my nose as I run.  My gloves were so soaked that I couldn't even wipe off my face with them.  I think I just smeared more water around. 

2 miles in, I wanted to stop but I told myself that I was going to keep going today.  Thankfully, the rain let up at this point.  My power song of the day came on too so that was helpful.  As I came around to mile 2.5 I had to hop up on the sidewalk because of a car.  Well as I came off the sidewalk, I didn't even notice the giant puddle waiting alongside the curb.  SPLASH!  My left shoe was drenched!  So splish splash splish splash went the next .5 mile and that's when I decided my workout was done.  My poor foot was so soaked that I couldn't take it anymore. 

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get a few more miles in too.  At least it was a start today.  I have missed running all week.  My mojo must be back because I got two workouts in today :)  I am a happy runner for sure!

Power Song of the day:  Ordinary - Train

929.5 miles to 1000 for the year. 

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