Monday, February 21, 2011

I quit

Can you believe it...I had to quit my run today!  This runner is not very proud to admit it.  I think I was just having a "bonk" kinda moment. 

I woke up way to early on my day off again and forced myself to fall back to sleep.  I think this was mistake #1.  I should have just got up when my body told me to.  Instead my mind insisted that it was my day off and gosh darn-it I was going to sleep in on one day off.  Ugh...what a terrible idea.  I woke up about an hour later feeling worse than went I woke up the first time. 

I looked out the window and decided it was a good time to sneak in a run before my little guy wakes up (the older kids were home and could watch him while I ran).  With a quick stretch and a drink of water, I was off.  Wait...did I mention I left my water bottle at home too...reason #2 for a bad run.  It was actually not as chilly as I had expected outside but I wish I would have remembered my gloves...reason #3.

Are my list of reasons getting too long already?  I just started my run!  I went to the other Quadrant neighborhood today hoping to complete 5 miles.  I told myself that I would loop that neighborhood twice and come back to my neighborhood and loop it twice.  That should have been 5 miles.  Well when I got into the other Quadrant there was one particular work-truck/van vehicle that circled the loop twice while staying even with me on the other side of the street.  Kinda creepy...reason #4.  I did one loop and booked it out of there!

On my way out of the neighborhood I started feeling some minor shin splint pain and knee pain in my left leg...reason #5.  I headed for home :(  Feeling slightly defeated and super annoyed with myself I entered into my neighborhood chanting to myself, "just finish the last couple of laps here."  As my house got closer and closer my body and mind just said, "You've had enough for today."  I got to my driveway and ended my run. 

I think I had run out of reasons at that point.  Are they really reasons or excuses?  Some days my body just says was that day. 

On the plus side...I got to come home and hang out with the kids today :)  Look I still found a reason to smile!

Power song:  Free--Zac Brown Band  (not a fast one but lyrically was what I needed at the right time)

932.8 miles to go to 1000 miles for the year.


  1. Sharon, I've had plenty of these kinds of days. At least you got out there and gave it a try. Your good days will feel that much better!

  2. I always think its better to listen to your body! Its quite the machine and I think that most of the time if we paid attention to what it is telling us we would be amazed at how right on it is!

  3. and yeah.. Zac Brown Band is great!

  4. Hey Sharon! It's okay and don't sweat over it. All of us have those days; just remember, you went out,still tried to consume your workout. Tomorrow is another day and a chance to redeem yourself from the day before! Go out and get it girl, you own it; it doesn't own you.

  5. Thanks friends! I know it's not a total doom and gloom moment...just one I'm not used too (nor one I want to get used to). Thanks for the support!