Thursday, February 24, 2011

Has anyone seen my mojo?

I've been looking for it everywhere!  I have ZERO energy this week.  I haven't run since Monday :(  The snow that is coming down is making me not want to go outside (I'm not a cold-weather gal). 

On the plus side, all this indoors time has allowed me to surf the net this week.  In doing so, I have managed to sign up for 2 more 1/2 marathons! 

One is next month which puts me under the 90 day marker so I qualify for the Half Fanatics!!!  It's the Dizzy Daze at Greenlake in Seattle.  The info is at  You should join and come run with me!  It sounds like a nice, easy, mellow run around the lake :)  If you register before the end of the month it's only $30 if you don't want a shirt or $50 if you do. 

The other is the See Jane Run in Seattle in July.  I got a great deal through:  It saved me over half of the registration fees.  Usually it's $75 but I got it for $27!  Here is the info on the race if you are interested in this one:

The more the merrier!  =D

Come run with me!!

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