Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slow and steady

That seems to be my mantra lately during this rehabilitation time.  It was a good thing today too.  I had a long night last night...

I stayed up late last night watching The Social Network.  The movie ended at midnight and just as I turned it off to go to bed my 3 year old, Bryce, woke up.  He has been pretty sick lately and he couldn't sleep.  So it was my turn to get up with him since Erik got up with him the night before.  Needless to say, I was up with him until 4am!!!  Ugh...I am a girl who needs at least 8 hours of sleep so I knew today was going to be a struggle.

I finally dragged my behind out of bed around 10:30am and made a large pot of coffee.  I only drank one cup before I decided that was enough to get the motivation I needed to go out for a run.  The sun was out but I wasn't sure how cold out it really was.  I threw on my Under Armor long sleeved shirt and my a short sleeved tech shirt over the top, my fleece gloves and set the Nike+GPS for a game of Tag with the husband. 

Tag is a new addition to the app... you can play tag against your friends and challenge them to see who can run the furthest distance or the longest time.  It's fun and gives me more motivation to try to beat Erik even though I know he runs further then me every week :) 

So back to my run...I stepped outside...uh oh, I may have dressed too warm!  Too late now, I'm not turning back now.  I begin my run down Siskin.  The sun is so bright today...why didn't I think of sunglasses?  I make the half loop out to the entrance of The Ridge and head out to the main road Old far, so good. 

I decided to head out to the other Quadrant neighborhood today.  I haven't run that route in a while.  It's mostly downhill the whole way there so that makes for a nice easy run.  Unfortunately, that means it's mostly uphill the whole way back!  The good thing about that is it helps me to push harder for the second half of my races.  I did stop at mile 1.82 to look at a new house that was built...beautiful, by the way, I just wanted to look at the spec sheet and then I was off again. 

At mile 2.57 and up the biggest of the hills I experienced the first twinge of pain.  Today it was more like a cramp though.  It was in the part of my foot that has the stress fracture though...  I was still .75 miles away from home so I just kept going but slowed my pace.  Slow and steady...Slow and steady...that's my mantra.

3.28 miles today in 33.16 minutes.  Not my quickest time but I am still plugging along.  I feel like, as long as I am adding mileage with each run, I am improving. 

991.8 miles to go to complete 1000 miles for the year.

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