Monday, January 17, 2011

I did it!


I convinced Bryce (my 3 year old) that it was time to go to the YMCA today so I could run for the first time in over two weeks.  I haven't limped in about a week and my foot has had no pain since that long either, so I felt it was time to give it a shot. 

Let me start by stressing some of my biggest pet peeves about running indoors on the track at the YMCA:
  1. The staff does not watch the track; therefore anyone and everyone is allowed to use it.
  2. By anyone, I mean: children, people who can't read or follow directions, parents who encourage their children to run wild on the track, people who go the wrong direction on the track, and people who don't look before hopping onto the track.
  3. Did I mention that children are on the track?
I am forced to use the indoor track because unfortunately, I do not have childcare any other way.  So if I want to run, I have to run indoors.  I am very appreciative that the YMCA even provides a track though.  I just wish that there were stricter rules for those who were using it and that they were enforced. :)

Okay, vent over.  I promised myself that I would only run as long as my foot would allow and I would stop the second I felt any sort of pain.  I checked Bryce into daycare and went upstairs to stretch before my run. I made sure the track was clear and stepped onto it.  I turned on my Nike+GPS program and started to RUN! 

It was a nice, easy pace.  I didn't want to do anything that to hurt myself and tried to just ease my way back into running.  There were a lot of people on the track today so I had to dodge quite a few walkers who were taking up several lanes and still manage to stay out of the run lane so I didn't get mauled down by some heavy duty runners. 

I was going strong when my Nike program told me I hit mile #1.  It was a wonderful feeling!  By then, I had found my stride, my breathing was very steady, and best of all---my foot felt great.  That was until mile 1.85.  A man was stretching on the side of the track and his young son (about age 4) was just standing right in the middle of the jog/run lane.  The dad didn't seem to even care and didn't ask the child to get off the track either.  This of course, prompted me to get off the track and get a staff member to come talk to the dad and his son.  I am not going to re-injure dodging a young child, especially when I am already nursing a stress fracture. 

So after my slight detour, I hopped back on the track and continued on my way.  Another lap down when two pre-teen girls decided it would be fun to start running the opposite way on the track.  Lucky for me the lady in front of me decided to scold the girls who didn't listen and continued on their path.  When they continued to run by me the wrong way, I also told them to follow the rules and run the right way.  I think with the two distractions from the children, it was enough for my foot.  Dodging kids is not good when you have a stress fracture. 

Once I hit a little over mile foot got a sharp pain.  As I told myself before my run, I stopped the second I felt the pain.  I walked long enough to get to the stretching mats and got off the track.  I really was hoping to get 3 miles in today but I will take what I can get.  Some running is better than no running!

My foot is paying the price tonight though.  I have been limping around ever since.  I've iced it like crazy and I've stayed off it for the remainder of the day.  Hopefully I can gradually build back up to some decent mileage. 

I really want to run 1000 miles this year!  So far I have 997.6 miles to go :)

Here is a summary of my run:

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