Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arm workout

Since my running is on hold right now and did I mention I've had ice cream the last few nights...


Cybil is right--No excuses!  Nothing should stop me from exercising...not even a stress fractured foot.  I decided, injury or not, I have to get some kind of exercise in somehow, someway!  Since wearing a shoe is what seems to bother me the most lately I had to figure out what I could do as a form of cardio to get my heart rate up quickly and safely.  The spin bike I got for Christmas! 

I laced up the dreaded shoe and and hopped on the bike.  It was a VERY short ride.  I realized I won't be attending a formal spin class for a few more weeks, that's for sure.  I was only on the bike for 5-10 minutes with almost no resistance, sitting upright and pedaling very easily...but it worked.  My foot was uncomfortable but not unbearable and my heart rate was up!  I dismounted the bike and took my shoe off :)

For todays wokout I decided to focus on arm strength training.  I pulled my Reebok arm weights out of the closet (blew off the dust) and tried to duplicate a routine that I would do in one of Amy's core/strength training classes that I usually attend on Sundays.  I was pretty successful I think. 
3 sets of 15 reps each of the following:
1/2 Bicep Curls
Hammer Curls
Full Bicep Curls
Alternate Bicep Curls
Shoulder Press
Tricep Kickbacks
Overhead Tricep Extensions
Shoulder Lifts

So workout accomplished and smile is definitely acheived!!!  I feel great and I'm happy to be exercising again, even if it's only for a short workout.  I didn't kick my own butt the way Amy would do on a Sunday class but I also didn't want to overdo it today since I'm not even supposed to be doing anything but swimming right now.  :)

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