Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Am I crazy?

Or did my sweet husband find my 2 qualifying half marathons that will get me into the Half Fanatics?  It looks like we may be running the Cupid's Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10 Miles, 10K, 5K & 1 mile in Rochester, WA on February 13th and also the 43rd Annual Birch Bay Marathon in Blaine, WA on February 20th.  I am hoping and praying that my foot is healed in time and I will have two great runs :)

Here is my chance, now I have to get my game plan in action...

I hope to be able to do another small run tomorrow (to test the waters) and see if I experience what I went through yesterday.  I hope that doing some shorter build up runs will help my foot overcome any pain that I am experiencing.  Obviously I am not just going to get out on the road and bust out huge mileage over the next week or two but I hope to slowly build up so that I will run at a nice comfortable pace.  

If all goes well over the next twelve days then I will indeed sign up for these races.  If not, at least I tried.

Wish me luck!

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