Sunday, April 10, 2011

90 Laps

90 laps + New Shoes = 10 miles of pleasure and pain. :)

That was my view for 90 laps.  Walk. Jog. Run.

That was me yesterday.  I recently bought some new shoes (Nike Air Alaris+ 3) that I decided to break in at the YMCA.  The first 3 miles felt great!  Like pillows on my feet but the next 7 miles torturous.  I had several miles where my feet were so numb and I couldn't feel a thing.  Why I didn't bring my old shoes with me...I'm not sure.   

The plus side to today's run, actually there are two plus sides. 
1.)  I PR'd in my 10K time for this year! 57:01!! 
2.)  I have officially run more miles this year then I did last year :) 

Also, remember that girl I told you about a few weeks ago...the one who told me I was an inspiration to her?  Well she was on the track yesterday and when I had 1.5 miles left to go in my run I convinced her to run with me.  I found out that Kasey is training to be in the Air Force and she was my inspiration yesterday.  Her conversation kept me going the last 1.5 miles which helped me to forget the numbness in my feet that I was experiencing. 

Power Song: Funhouse - P!nk

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